Friday, November 6, 2020

Do not fight against your fellow American's...

Do not fight against your fellow American's as we all have every right to vote for whomever we choose!

The Corporate Elite 1% on both sides of the aisle want us DIVIDED & to CONQUER US! If you fight, fight the entire U.S. election system & the Corporate Elite 1% that controls all of it, together! *

They are prepared for their next big political [staged] theatrical production... Chaos & anarchy regarding the election results & a possible challenge of results by either party! Don't worry, MSM will make sure you all have front row seats! * Ohhh, they'd love for you all to be in their show, but let's NOT BE IN THIS PLAY/SHOW! So they can't enact MARSHAL LAW!

Who is or are ultimately to blame for the 2020 General Election debacle? #336
Are the Dems literally trying to steal an election with Covid19 as their big pathetic excuse, again. Huh, who was the guy that predicted this in APRIL? Hmmmm...

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