Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Covid19 Stone

Subjugation, Oppression & Fascism for you, because they care?

In a time of a [supposed] great pandemic across the world your [supposed] pubic servants care soooo much about you that they provide you with NO HEALTHCARE, NO HAZARD PAY (for "Essential Workers"), NO LIVING WAGE, TAKE AWAY YOUR JOBS, DESTROY YOUR SMALL BUSINESS, and FORCE YOU TO WAIT FOR HOURS IN GIGANTIC FOOD-LINES and the list of heinous livelihoods continues for the 99%.  They also imprison you in your homes (lockdowns), mandate masks/facial coverings and keep you from each other by 6 [ridiculous] feet because they truly & completely care about you, seriously?!

At the same time of your great suffering... millionaires & billionaires are rapidly growing their lakes of money & power, while you/The 99% wilt away. Look, I'm all for people making a decent buck and then some, but this is just way out of control. 

Do you understand what and who this ScamDEMic/Plandemic/Pandemic [may have been created] for, yet? 

Let's take a look at the usual industry culprits, first. With the full support of most of our [supposed] "public servants," all of the major Corporate Elite 1%/CE1 owned academia (Harvard etc.) cable, print, website & social news media outlets across the planet of their perpetually lie to all of us [hourly] of a continuous plethora of hyperbolic war mongering talking-points, narratives and the usual positive branding or marketing impressions of whatever WAR their directing use all to support for decades. They've also made sure those that go against the war-war-war narratives & talking points are and have been silenced & censored for decades. This usual practice is and has always been to basically feed the bottomless pockets of Military Industrial Complex. Now, a new industry wants a piece of that same pie, and a rather large piece at that. During these processes they've [again] kept us divided to conquer us with their laundry list of distractions, and as always... kept us in fear-fear-fear at every corner of recent history.

So, why wouldn't Covid19 be any different than all of the hyperbolic nonsense of these regime change wars? * *

If you haven't been paying attention to who's [now] going after that huge slice of pie, then look no further than Big Pharma, Big Hospital, Big Insurance, Big Tech, Big Social Media, Big Communications and [of course] BIG BROTHER (possibly the MIC will still get their share) are all next on the gigantic money grab list as they are and will be making [possibly] trillions over the next few years from this elaborate and well orchestrated Scamdemic/Plandemic/Pandemic aka Great Reset - whatever you want to call it.

If your city, state or federal legislator, judiciary or executive (mayor, govenors or president/public servant) is following the CE1's orders to mandate or make laws to oppress, subjugate or control you with their lockdowns, mask mandates and the unsurmountable tyrannies placed upon small businesses and citizens, then they're also in line to get a piece of that same pie. 

MSM on both sides of the aisle have been perfectly setting up these domino's as they continue to push the Covid fear-fear-fear into every single feeble U.S. brain. Don't worry, they've been getting their pie for a long time. They're all going to continue this ScamDEMic until they get their piece of the pay, so we all need to come together and protest/march, now! Seriously, right now!

What you may not find on Google is that Denmark protested against the lockdowns & vaccines and they won!

If you've ever heard the colloquialism "kill two birds with one stone," then you should also have the inclination that domino's must be put in place first, before you can set them in motion. I ask you... Who truly profits from one Covid19 Stone?

1 third of the worlds population is beginning to realize that this entire production is baloney... There are many doing the real journalism regarding this gigantic ScamDEMic! #ResistTheReset

I don't want to make this blog too long, so I placed some content creators below that have verifiable proof that you're all being scammed. I encourage you to go to the site, first. Myself and many of these content creators have far more information regarding the set up of the domino's and are still diligently working 24-7-365 for all our inalienable freedoms & rights:

The Corbett Report




Steve at 

A ScamDEMic of Facts

The "Gold Standard" of testing?

The RT-PCR tests were not EVER created to test for an isolated virus. "Anyone can test positive for practically anything with a PCR Test, if you run it long enough (number of cycles - anything over 35 plus cycles will most likely test positive)." ~ The creator of the RT-PCR test Kary Mullins (oddly) died on Aug 2019, right before Corona/Covid19 became a household word. Basically, you could set the machine used to rig the results!

Is the PCR/Nasal Swab "unreliable?" hmmm... ** ** Any human contaminated with HIV, FLU, Hepatitis, ZICA or any other viral infection, threatening parasite or bacteria will have the same exosomes present in their body fluids that will bring about a positive test.

This Gold Standard test wasn't truly created to test for ONE/1 isolated virus...


Check This Death Box For Mo-Money!

Fact: Dr. Ngozi Ezike from the Illinois Department of Public Health let's us all

know the following quoted on live TV/Cable News: "If you were in hospice and

had already been given a few weeks to live, and then you also were found to

have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death. It means technically

even if you died of a clear alternate cause, but you had COVID at the same

time, it's still listed as a COVID death. So, everyone who's listed as a COVID

death doesn't mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID

at the time of the death."

On video in her own words...

So, if this is the actual process, which is still is and/or the protocol of how each

and every hospital's personnel that are instructed by their superiors

via the WHO/CDC's actual process/system/guidelines) on what was

the "EXACT CAUSE OF DEATH" to be documented as a "Covid-19 Death," then

are the U.S. national "Death Toll numbers" completely accurate or are they an

actual "Pure Covid-19 Death?

Again, in their (Dr. Ngozi Ezike from the Illinois Department of Public Health)

own words in April of 2020:

Per the CDC, the "Death Toll Numbers" are a bit different than your 240+k Covid19 Deaths - here's the link:


The CDC's Top "underlying conditions" linked or are still all marked as Covid-19 deaths:

*Influenza and pneumonia

*Respiratory Failure

*Hypertensive disease


*Vascular and Unspecified Dementia

*Cardiac Arrest

*Heart Failure

*Renal Failure

*Intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning, and other adverse events (OVERDOSE had 69,029 people died in 2019, SUICIDE had 47,137 died in 2019, DROWNING had on average 3,400 deaths, VEH/CAR ACCIDENT’s had 38,800 died in 2019 to name a just a few alternate or "intentional o unintentional" causes of death that completely have no relation to a common flu/coronavirus)

*Other medical conditions *And, there are dozens, which I'll do you a favor and not factor all those other "underlining deaths" in to the numbers that most likely have nothing to do with a respiratory infecting/flu.


If you realistically look at the truer and more viable information straight from the corporately owned source/CDC, then all of the numbers (you do the simple math) regarding Covid19 cases & Covid19 deaths out of 327 million people in the U.S. were and are still very wrong. In fact… they’re being purposely exaggerated to promote FEAR to gain consent to push flu shots, vaccines & drugs to make a shitt ton of money. #ResistTheReset

Follow some more money!

Don't even get me started on the monetary gains to every single [supposed] public or private servant that is in or around this Scamdemic! They're all making a shitt ton of money... ...this is "per case" or per "each person" that tests positive for a virus/flu/bacteria/parasite that heightens our immune system, soooo there's no incentive for Hospitals & Politicians?!


To my fellow American's abroad, especially in the Republican Party/GOP...

In regards to the "voter fraud" abroad will Trump take the DNC Fame &

Fortune Deal and concede, or follow through to the very end? Let's not kid

kid ourselves, both political parties have the new [Donald Trump]

Warp Speed Vaccine that will be administered (probably forcefully or

with some catch to it) in less than a year?!

Uhhhh, am I the only one that believes this is freaking nuts and this covid

crap needs to stop, right farking now?! It's time to Knuckle-up!

Aren't you a bit concerned at this point?

My greatest concern is that I find it a bit alarming that everyone is completely comfortable with a billionaire (yeah, Bill Gates, because we all know that billionaires have always had pure, good & decent intentions upon their expendable slaves aka The 99%, LMFAO) that is not a fucking doctor/not a scientist/virologist, not a college graduate, stole a software company from a guy out of a garage & his only qualification is that he's the 2nd richest man on the planet that has been curbing and/or transforming national & domestic policy, law & activity [easily] thru all our legislators, judiciaries & executives regarding a pandemic/plandemic/scamDemic/whatever you want to call it for years that [along with Fauci et al.] is now salivating at the chomps to force a Warp Speed Vaccine upon the world, which-btw 99% of all approved vaccines take usually 5 to 10 years to be authorized & administer somewhat safely! 

Per the CDC's findings... The human body's immune system is 99.87% effective against Covid19. This beats all vaccine statistics and does not give any side effects in future, it also does not increase the risk of developing antibody-dependent enhancement or autoimmune reactions.

Make way for Vaccine Volunteers & Lab Rats!

These Crash Test Miracle Warp Speed Vaccine Crash Test Dumbos will [most likely] get a placebo or some saline solution given to all of them. Of course, they won't be hurt, have any side effects or anything as they inject them all with basically food coloring/nothing. The true killer will be administered after all these dumbo's provide mass manufactured consent by telling the rest of the world that they're fine, they’re cured and hey, it works! These Crash Test Dummies will spread their hyperbolic propaganda all over social media as mainstream media will do exactly the same to give The Corporate Elite 1%'ers ( the consent they need to make possibly Trillions.

...This is how many [including myself] believe that The World Economic Forum, Blackwater, Gates et al. are orchestrating or rolling out this "warp speed vaccine" out. Yep, he’s counting on these dummies and their testimonials, first. After, we're all conned, sold, tricked, then they'll administer the real killer upon us all. Here’s a question for those dummies… how are going to feel after telling the world that the vaccine is OK, then finding out months to years later that you were a part of mass post-complications, mass autism, mass sterilization or possibly even mass genocide? #ResistTheReset

Big Pharma is getting [disgustingly] desperate!


Fraud Triangle of Guilt... Is there gigantic opportunity? Feeling Pressured or certain individuals at high levels being pressured? Hasn't greed always been their Rationalization and placing FEAR-FEAR-FEAR now yours gain your confidence?

Dear [fellow] slaves,

Or, to the meek, malleable & obedient… I don't know what side you are on re 9/11 or “if” you actually believe that towards the end of the day building #7 ( came down in a demolition like process due to office furniture burning, how Planned Obsolescence has been around since the light bulb and if you believed Sadam had Weapons of Mass Destruction or not

I know you do know this... The United States of American is 27+ TRILLION dollars in debt and growing to who knows who, the Military Industrial Complex has received trillions for almost 20 years in unnecessary regime change wars that Tulsi Gabbard has been fighting against for years. There is money, influence and power around the world that has manufactured consent getting the majority of the U.S. Voting Republic to succumb to a narrative or an agenda via the use of FEAR-FEAR-FEAR and the ancient terms or talking points such as “our nation's interests, for the people, and to liberate a country,” that is never ever good for that particular country or for the 99%. We usually find out a decade later that the only ones that profit or prevail from any of this economic or physical death & destruction is the CE1’s (Corporate Elite 1%). Again, could they be doing the same with Covid?


At least the 95% of all U.S. State & Federal Department/Institution (HHR, FDA, CDC etc.) that [supposedly] cares about you and your health has been compromised by CE1's of Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tech & Big Chemical etc. (Pfzer, Monsanto/Johnson & Johnson, Bayer or Dupont, Microsoft, Samsung, Verizon etc.) decades ago.


What happens to most senators or representatives after they leave Congress? Answer: they become lobbyists for the CE1's. There are billions upon billions invested in this Covid scam, and with your help they'll all soon profit immensely from their returns, while the 99% will once again suffer terribly. It's great that on MSM you've seen "expert" after "expert," but they're all basically following orders, guidelines & processes laid out and directed by the CDC, FDA, WHO & other U.S. Federal Departments & institutions that are now owned by Corporate Elite 1%. When you get some time go look up the top positions of these state & federal departments and services... They're all corporate infiltrators posing as representatives of the people... they've all come from Big Pharma, Big Chemical, Big Tech, Big Banks etc. or have been in some way paid massive amounts of money from the CE1's.  #ResistTheReset

No, don't get up - it's all good.

No, it's not good - not at all!

Get off your knees and stop worshiping the Corporate Elite 1% & their puppets (all U.S. legislators, judiciaries & executives)! Get off your knees and stop begging for handouts! Get off your ass and strike/march/demand against this gigantic corporate elite 1% money grab, corporate takeover & mass manipulation orchestrated by them and their ScamDemic partners that both parties are to be held accountable, NOW!  Seriously, right NOW!

...Just remember protests are accepted even though you are complaining about having to accept what the predator class hands out. In other words “protests” are compliance. A physical revolution is coming and it should not at all be against the left or right U.S. Voting Republic aka our fellow citizens/neighbors/friends/family… It must and should be against the 2 Party Oligarchy that has allowed decades of subjugation, oppression & fascism upon all of the 99%! 

“Non-conformity is the only real passion worth being ruled by.”
― Julian Assange

The only way is “TO REJECT”, to be non compliant. You can assemble to reject in force. ...Just don’t call it a protest.


@99_March / #ResistTheReset & support those that are with us, now!

It's not only time take Congress back, march on their front lawns, pound on their office doors, but also let them know we no longer are going to be a part of these farcical, embarrassing & worthless political parties. It's time for us to all be and do some, ASAP!

Look, with all this nonsense now being the “new norm,” I'm just digging a bit deeper than most and revealing facts that are traceable, straight to the source, not a messenger of the source or an employee of the source... theee source. If you want to continue to promote CE1’s Covid agenda then do nothing and continue on as a good little expendable worthless slave. If you want to actually help those that actually need it, then get out and march - march with those like myself that are not accepting the mainstream narratives, talking points and asking the harder questions - questions that you'll get censored for asking.

Mahalo nui loha for at least getting this far,

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