Sunday, October 6, 2013

Eha Ola...

Aloha, and welcome to a blog that I believe may be a key component upon enhancing the way you orchestrate and control your world to a more positive and helpful way.

I am of Hawaiian descent.  Actually, I'm 37.5 percent Hawaiian, the rest is German, Chinese, Cherokee, English, French, Irish and I think that's pretty much it.  If you see me in person - I've got that Samoan/Hawaiian look, but I'm basically a mutt.  There's a bit more in my profile if you're interested, so feel free to learn more about me on Facebook as well.

Well, this mutt favors his Polynesian side a bit more than all the others, because of something that I found very intriguing in my early twenties.  Back in the day, my mom informed me that your Hawaiian ancestors practiced, used, and believed in a different dogma or rather a different way of dealing with their lives and how they were able to shape their world in a more positive way - day by day.  She handed me a book titled "Huna the Ancient Religion of Positive Thinking."  I immediately started on it, and found that in ancient times my Hawaiian culture depended, used, and practiced Huna, which is a Hawaiian word adopted and brought about by a brilliant and diligent researcher named Max Freedom Long (1890–1971).  Max brought forth this amazing secret (Huna) before any other around 1936. Max described his theory of metaphysics which he linked to the ancient Hawaiian kahuna's (Huna priests or Huna experts) to a new and powerful world of managing and altering oneself life in the direction they so desire.  I found it very surprising that my ancient ancestors practiced Huna for thousands of years prior to other more common dogma's and without the influence of any modern beliefs such as Christianity, Judaism, Islamism, Buddhism etc., and my ancient people lived and thrived happily for a good long while.  Again, please note that the Hawaiian's used Huna long before these common religions arrived on the Islands of Hawaii back in 800 BCE, which anthropologists to this day are still trying to determine when, where, and how Huna came about or began. The good news is is that it is here!  This ancient "secret" is now a part of the new thought movement that is beginning to grow and take an amazing shape as more of the actual formula to gain access to a more prosperous and fruitful livelihood is here, again.  Many have dissected Hawaii's ancient culture for decades, and have found beneficial info for all to use.  However, I believe Max was very close to uncovering a key element and wasn't quite able to find or obtain an important element before he passed, which I think I have identified.  I've created a visual aspect to help us visual receipting individuals, and I try to explain it as best possible...

When your life and how it exists is out in front of you to witness it for yourself, visually – what do you see, and what geometrical shape would you best use to describe it.  Well, you may only see a one or two dimensional reflection of yourself or basically your own perception of your world - according to you as a square, triangle, circle, octagon etc.  However, I believe our existence can actually be better understood, managed, and controlled by a three dimensional shape… The best shape that worked well with my findings is known as a tetrahedron (see pic "A" below) or a four sided triangle - hence the word "Eha," meaning four (4) in Hawaiian, and "Ola" meaning life in the Hawaiian language.  There is not really a word that is short for "triangle" in the Hawaiian language, so I left it with "four-life" or "Eha Ola."  You’ll understand how the actual word “four” connects well to "life" in my word play and as you continue. If you actually held this object/tetrahedron in your hands, you'd be very impressed with this very simple and very sturdy object.  Geometrically, this is known as one of thee most perfect shapes besides a sphere in our known universe.   With that being known - I took Max's information or sides he's presented, which is "three" and found or rather added one more.  

Here are the sides that Max obtained in all his years of research, and he's been able to decipher and thus convey their meanings and how they can be used to do good things in the world around you…

Middle-self: the relationship to what is happening in front of you now or your current senses working and operating at this very moment.

Low-self: instinct, nature, fear, anger, joy, pain, stimulus, offense and defensive primal triggers.

High-self: Your superconcious 
or a transcending human state of physical or mental consciousness.

Here is the piece or side I believe Max and others may have missed…

Non-self: This side is interestingly very important and that "key element" that was either overlooked or unrealized, until now.

The Totem below depicts all the selves and the forth is there - you just have to look for it.

I believe that these triangular objects or shapes are almost a complete reflection of the basic aspects of our own life, and that it depicts our existence or life as it is moving through the universe.

New Zealand Totem

Eha Ola helps?

At this point you are probably wondering what this is really all about, and if it is worth continuing or inquiring about...  What I do know is that when you put everything in a more manageable perspective - it all make a huge difference in the way one approaches their decisions to become actions.  I'd be more than happy to provide more information on it all and how it relates to you.  And, how applying Eha Ole could actually make a better difference in any aspect of your life. In Huna, it is said that you can actually alter external occurrences with the use of the mind, body, and spirit. I've applied what I've put together here upon particular issues, problems and dilemmas of my life and it all actually helps me to make better sense of all those deformed pieces of my life, and that with a little mental effort on my part - all that was distorted eventually started to flow effortlessly in a serene way. The balance of Eha Ole of Huna gave me peace of mind like I've never had before and it still does to this day. 

There’s a bit more to this and how it will make an amazingly positive difference in your life, but please remember, this is not a religion, not a dogma, not a myth, not a theism, not a blind-faith or some idolized theology.  What I will admit and I'm very proud of is that it is a self-help system/program/process that I believe will put your life in a far better perspective, so that you can be a better, greater, nicer, funnier, happier, etc. you!  

If you have any questions regarding the exact processes that I have used to better enhance my life in wonderful ways - please contact me.

Enjoy all,


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